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Welcome to Arete Renewables and Natural Resources Pvt Ltd. Pune
Arete Renewables and Natural Resources Pvt Ltd. is a company incorporated to help better use of our natural resources
Globally, humanity’s Ecological Footprint or the demand on nature exceeds the bio capacity or nature’s ability to meet these demands by 25%. Organisation's and Corporations need to balance their demand on nature and supply of natural capital. Business and government intervention is required to reverse the risky trends of climate change & ensure a sustainable future. Moreover, the impact of climate change will be the heaviest for the developing and under developed countries. Arete Renewables and Natural Resources endeavours to cross this green divide.
We Explore The Untapped Potential of Natural Resources!
Current Offerings
Arete Renewables and Natural Resources Pvt Ltd. is currently scouting for wind sites which offer, best in class wind potential for development of an Independent Power Producer, based Energy Provider Model. India has a terrestrial wind potential of around 80 Giga Watts (80000 Mega Watts).
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Other than Wind Energy, Arete RNR has identified a urban land parcel in Pune India for first class urban real estate development. In this venture we have envisioned setting up urban communities in the contemporary post modern context.
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Organic farming & Afforestation  
Arete has interests in setting up species repositories for rare species of flora and fruit bearing tree species found in the western ghats of India, Most of these plants and trees are exploited for their medicinal as also food and fruit bearing qualities.
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Collaborations and Interests
Arete RNR
Arete is scouting for opportunities to bring to India, they could be for, but not necessarily confined to New Technology, Management Development & EPC in exchange for a contractual mandate or Equity interests.
We could help foreign corporate interests with these approaches.

Joint Ventures with Arete or other Indian corporate interests for technology, capital expenditure and or equity considerations.

Project execution including EPC for an agreeable management fee, a budget and a timeline.

Mandates could include but may not remain limited to building a business or manufacturing facility from scratch and hand it over on a turnkey basis.

Other areas of interest
We believe in delighting our clients and staying close to them. Our satisfied client is our best adverstisement. They provide us repeat business and refer us for more business. We firmly believe that money is the bye-product of good services. Sales follows service. Finally, honesty is the best policy.
Water and Water Resources
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